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Plastic buckle for weight with d-ring. Ideal for attaching the rope to the buoy and drag if losses. It also serves to ring security for others. <iframe src="" framebord


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Plastic buckle for weight with d-ring. Ideal for attaching the rope to the buoy and drag if losses. It also serves to ring security for others.

Counsel by Marco Bardi:

Il D-RING per cintura è un accessorio che permette di avere un rapido e comodo aggancio in cintura. Può essere al tempo stesso anche un ferma piombo che non permette ai piombi di scivolare sulla cintura, ma il suo scopo è fondamentalmente quello di dotare la cintura di agganci robusti e pratici. Agganciare velocemente la sagola della boa o trovare un punto sicuro dove inserire un moschettone non è poi così semplice senza un D-RING. Realizzato in robusto nylon non teme il rischio di rovinarsi a causa di un utilizzo estremo. Anche abbandonando la cintura sul fondale il D-RING ha superato un attento collaudo. E" consigliato in cintura sopra ad un piombo tradizionale con la cintura che passa attraverso piombo e D-RING come si può notare nella foto e nel filmato. Si tratta di uno di quei semplici accessori che hanno un costo minimo, un ingombro ridotto, ma una comodità estrema.

Non c"è bisogno di accorgimenti e dura a lungo per anni anche senza risciacquo.

  • System: Fixed
  • Speargun Accessories: Several
  • With buckle: Plastic buckle
  • Leaden type: Belt Plombs
  • Belt Product: Buckles
  • Accessories leaden: Various accessories
    The history of Omersub has its beginnings at the end of the 1970s, with a mission to develop and manufacture specific and high quality products designed for demanding and few champions of fishing in apnea. Valerio Grassi, founder of Omersub, could have ballistic expertise of the Beretta company, specializing in firearms and social capital building, to design and produce rifles and accessories. Rifles who were immediately able to meet the needs of the greatest champions of fishing in apnea. Since then, Omersub has tirelessly pursued its original mission getting a unique experience in the implementation of new solutions for all products related to this mystical world that is the apnea and fishing in apnea. In 1993, Omersub joined the multinational Tools Beta, leads in the production of hand tools and pneumatic professionals. Thanks to the passion and innovation, O.ME. R succeeds, in a period of two decades, growing to become the world's leading brand in the industry and be recognized by amateur fishermen and freedivers around the world. Omersub has also relaunched the historic SPORASUB brand in 2009, placing it successfully at the high end of this market segment. In 2013 Omersub has become part of the Group AquaLung, a world leader in equipment for diving, snorkeling and swimming pool. Since the invention of the first regulator "The Aqua Lung" in 1943 and thanks to constant innovations, Aqua Lung produces a wide range of diving, professional and recreational, Aqua Lung, Apeks and Whites-branded equipment. These brands are distributed through a network of specialized professionals in more than 80 countries. The initial enthusiasm that brought Omersub to occupy a place of prestige among the leading manufacturers of products for the dive, has now remained unchanged thanks to a simple requirement, but essence
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