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Articulated wishbone with nylon screws. Very versatile



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Very versatile wishbone for both traditional and oversized spearguns or double sling as it facilitates the loading process, especially in the finals.
Easy click oversized plate and rods of stainless steel AISI 304 hardened 4mm lock washer and lock nut through.
High-quality caps threaded Delrin calculated for the threading and unthreading of the gums can be made easily with the fingers without any tools.
Also available with areas for rubber mounting strips without a cap.

Oversized deck with wide lace recess pressed to avoid weakening.

Cap lock nut and washer through.

If you find CRESSI COMPETITION ARTICULATE WISHBONE at a better price will you match it, have the seal of approval at the best price, price audited by specialized companies.

2 year warranty on all products of Wishbones Subprof

All Wishbones products are manufactured with first quality materials, Subprof is guaranteed to offer them so that you can enjoy your best moments when you practice Spearfishing your favorite sport.

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  • For rubbers of: Thread Standard Gums
  • Movement: Articulated Wishbone
  • Wishbones Material: Stainless steel
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