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100% Manufacturer's Warranty

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Equipped with top quality natural rubbers and U-Demka articulated wishbones. Spear made of hardened stainless, double barb with antiripping cone and 1.9 mm nylon line kit with rivets. Spetton gun bag for protection and transport. The owner of this unique product will be proud of it, both for the product itself and for its technical features also ideal for stationary fishing.

Counterweight and suports on handle. Protected trigger.

Open head with line and spear rail. Opening for 20 mm double rubbers

Barrel fitted counterweight for buoyancy balance

Ergonomic handle with load support. Cassette fitted in the line of fire

Stainless automatic line release clilp with backward spring. Spear rail.

Optional Chrome reel.

Video: how to load a speargun (829 kB)

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