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  Manufactured and assembled in Japan, Ternyu fishing rods enjoy high-quality finishes not found in the market.
  They are the perfect reflection of the high technology of Japan and follow the instructions of the professional fishermen working around the world.
  Tenryu buy a fishing rod is not an arbitrary act.
  This leads to the discovery of the summum of today's technology, with all the concepts of precision, performance, endurance and comfort that this entails.

  Each Tenryu fishing rod is manufactured to extremely precise specifications and rigorous load.
  All series are identical, unless the designers have decided to impose changes.
  All the range is the perfect reflection of the needs expressed by French fishermen.
  Be it river, lake, sea or abroad, the range Tenryu responds appropriately, whether with one or more models.
  Each rod is designed to deliver the performance necessary for their objective, with a maximum precision and excitement of casting fishing rods.

  The blanks are made of Tenryu vacuum and cooked under controlled temperature in an ultra precise.
  The main result of this advanced technology gives to the product an exceptional tensile strength.
  Tenryu fishing rods are robusts, reliable and flexible. The nerve has an extreme life.
  Each rod can pleasantly surprise their keeper, for his incredible ability to overcome the expected range.

  Equipped with the best global production, Tenryu fishing rods are optimized at all levels.
  Rings, reel holder, heel combat by Fuji.
  This choice affects not only the quality of rings but also the quality of actions.
  Currently it is very difficult to make a rod with a better performance than this.

Struggling with tuna:
  One of the problems faced by tuna fishermen is the extreme distrust of these fish.
  From an intelligence sometimes confusing, this fish is demanding.
  It requires very often a ridiculously snall lure in relation to the size of the fish.
  But where things get difficult, it is once the fish is hooked.
  The violence of a tuna can not imagine, is not comparable. His speed and muscle power makes it very special.
  To equate the forces there that cane. The Furrary Racing is equipped with many very good arguments. 

  Tuna fishing requires importants casting distances. It is very difficult to approach as the boats and especially the engine is easily frightened.
  Thus, the best practice is the casting, but not all rods are capable of launching a small lure long distances and then bear this epic struggle.
  Racing Furrary rods are able to throw away some 20gr lures in a fast, accurate and assured that in case of coupling, we can fight against the dam because it has a capacity of 40-60lb.

  Blank: High modulus carbon
  Rings: 7 Fuji SIC rings.
  Reel seat: Fuji Tubular integrated high density EVA foam
  Mango: mango Mini rubber in the heel (comfort & protection)
  Overall length: 244cm
  Length folded: 180cm (2 sections)
  Weight: 290g
  Lure action: 40-130g 
  Line: 40-60lb


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