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Exclusive desing for Subprof
Exclusive desing for Subprof a new "hands free" support for GoPro cameras.
Designed and tested with great success in the Costa Brava waters, combines many qualities, light weight, very low volume, impact resistance, corrosion (stainless steel AISI-316) and hydrodynamics.
It is intended to mount and dismount the camera GoPro whenever you want with ease. The SP4 support by TalosSub has been meticulously estudied to make it the best support in its class.
The profile of the support, really thin, allowing the camera is set to less high as possible, improving image acquisition while maintaining low center of gravity, for better stability and a comfortable and slightly elevated position.
Furthermore, unlike other supports in the market, SP4 support by TalosSub is very hydrodynamics and has a great weight, hardly notice you're wearing.
The materials used in all media have reduced their weight to levels unattainable by other carriers on the market.

Versatile, functional and easy to assemble
If anything can define the new Hands Free support is: versatility, design and functionality.
Allows you to have both hands free while diving or spearfishing.
No more trouble focusing, no more not captured images.
The new support provides full handsfree freedom of movement.
It offers the opportunity to forget that you're filming and concentrate on diving or fishing.
Enjoy your day of fishing or diving with this unique hands-free system for GoPro camera.
Mount on your mask and forget lose mobility while diving.

Immersive films, you will be the protagonist
What you see is what you are recording because it is associated with the movement of the head.
The stand is perfectly aligned, allowing you to record really immersive images of your favorite activity, so when someone viewing the scenes, he will feel that he is the protagonist of these.
Let others see what you see!

It is suitable for various types of masks, a large volume for diving or fishing at low background and a small volume for lovers of apnea and deep sea fishing.
Proven compatibility:
Cressi Matrix mask black
• Cressi Matrix mask assorted colors

• Cressi Occhio Plus mask
Beuchat Mundial mask
Seac Sub One mask black
Sporasub Mystic mask

The support consists of:
 • 1 Apnea apnea (depending on model)
 • 1 GoPro Plane Support
 • 1 stainless steel plate support
 • 1 stainless steel plate screws threaded
 • 2 screws and two stainless steel nuts

Patented Product


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