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This is the first and exclusive video recording system based on a fishing rod to curry.
Blubite is a system based on a fishing rod curry that combines easily able fishing action, using a video micro-camera connected to a receiver installed on board.
SystemOne Blubite manufactured with high technology and design exclusively developed to improve knowledge of the fishing world.
SystemOne allows you to observe the presence of fish in the area in real time, the correct position and movement of the lure and the reaction of fish.
This is Blubite, a simple but high computer technology that discovers a new dimension of knowledge for the sport fisherman.
This equipment was designed primarily to see and record in real-time fishing action, both curricular and bottom fishing.
Still, it's easy to convert the BlueBite System One in a room to view underwater images in real time, whether the seabed as from different parts of the hull transducer as a dirty or damaged propeller.
The system consists of a 50 Torium Shimano BluBite modified by adapting a line that transmits video signal to a miniature camera.
The image can be viewed on any display board and can be recorded on SD memory cards.

BluBite mission does not end in the delivery of a new technological aid to fishermen.
BluBite seeks to enter the world of fishing in a revolutionary way, to be more than a single moment of the fishing action.
An ethical approach, in short, respecting the marine environment and support conservation.
BluBite is the revolution of fishing, or rather a new way of living their fishing days.
The fish can be returned back to the sea, while images of the fishing action is recorded in the memory of the fisherman, as well as computer memory BluBite SystemOne.
The ability to record images of struggle can return catch back to the sea, while keeping alive the exciting moment of capture.
BluBite is communication with the underwater world: an "Ariadne's thread" connecting to the environment of the sea.
Using BluBite, the benefits for the environment will be evident.
As he sinks, the small camera to record video of marine life in the absence of any bulky presence in order to record the underwater world and marine life as it is, without any alteration.

The pack includes:
 • Shimano Torium 50 modified
 • 50 meters of coaxial cable of high resistance
 • Waterproof Camera
 • Image Processor

NOTE: Your computer can be connected in various brands Multifunction Display

Video signal receiver:
 • SD video analogic out
 • 12 volt powered
 • Video alarm
 • Low battery alarm
 • IP40 connector
 • CE Approved

Shimano Torium 50 and System One
 • BluBite custom connector
 • 5m of BluBite custom cable signal transmission
 • Salt Water resistant
 • 100 lbs of resistance
 • 50 feet long
 • High flexibility

Torpedo Chamber BluBite
 • Water deep 100 m
 • Salt Water resistant
 • Predisposed for accessories
 • Normal or wide-angle optic
 • IP68

The RDS (Rapid Disconnect System)
50 mts of BluBite line + 100 meters of backing line = 150 meters
The RDS (Rapid Disconnect System) is a novelty introduced to improve the fishing capacity of BluBite SystemOne.
When the fish bites the lure, it may be necessary to extend over the line during the battle.
Once the cable is released BluBite, the system automatically disconnects the wires out of the connectors on the reel and pull additional fishing line to the required length. Once collected the piece, following the instructions in the user manual can restore the functions of video capture BluBite SystemOne.

BluBite System One

Bottom Fishing


Big Tuna

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