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 2 year guarantee

 •Scooter saddle for hands-free riding
 •Variable speed control
 •Progressive acceleration system
 •3 speed adjustment propeller pitch assembly
 •Saddle wings for additional attachment points
 •Depth rated to 90 meters
 •L.E.D. battery life indicator
 •Two models available: Ni-Mh Battery Model and Lead Acid Battery
 •Approx 21.5kg on the surface / -1.3kg buoyancy underwater
 •Dimensions: 720 x 340mm
 •Rated to 90 meters
 •Includes hand free saddle and multi-rider wings
 •Includes battery and charger Lead Acid Battery Model
 •13Ah / 24V lead acid battery
 •Speed: 0 – 4 km/hour
 •Up to 120 minutes continuous operation in hands free riding position
 •Average Cruising Range: 4000 – 4200m

Free your hands with the AV-2 EVOLUTION Underwater Scooter

Sea Scooter Being dragged long distances creates excessive muscular fatigue in the arms.
Furthermore, riding behind a scooter creates resistance and reduces the efficiency of the propeller blades.
Riding horizontally in front of the scooter streamlines the body and scooter, reducing drag and dramatically improving both speed and distance traveled on a single battery charge.
In addition, both hands are free for carrying lights, cameras or other underwater equipment.
Features of AV-2 EVOLUTION Underwater Scooter Dive Scooter:

Progressive acceleration system The AV-2 EVOLUTION scooter’s newly design rotational speed adjustment function allows for precise changes to your speed while in motion. This easily activated speed adjustment results in smooth effortless riding and allow for easy synchronization of speed between divers in a variety of geographical areas and varied current conditions. When the main switch is turned on, the L.E.D. battery life indicator lights up providing the diver with a guide to remaining battery life. Please remember this is additional standby information only. The maximum running speed recorded was 4.5km/h while wearing standard scuba equipment. This drastically saves on air consumption and energy usage thus enabling the diver to cover extensive areas of terrain that would be impossible to achieve normally (up to 7 Km).

Apollo DPVs can be ridden using four different methods.
Scuba Scooter: Three Speed adjustment-Propeller pitch assembly
Additionally, it’s possible to easily vary the propeller’s angle or pitch, which allows for even more fine-tuning of the scooter’s speed to the individual diver’s needs.
Sea Scooter
Saddle Wings
Sea Scooter By using the wings it’s now possible to pull 2 more divers with the SAV-7 scooter.
The diver’s different physiques when holding onto the wings have virtually no effect to the scooter’s performance.
The speed and distance with 3 men diving are almost the same as using the scooter solo without a saddle.

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